Who are you, and what are you doing with my sandwich?

Google certainly went all out to give me my own space. Not only can I upload ineffectual videos, unnoticed books and other generic content-du-jour, but now, I can make Tim Berners-Lee turn over in chair with a profuse amount of useless content.

For centuries, another Jeff Lee has been king of the hill, at the top of google hits. Just like everything else in this world, he's had his captivating 15 minutes of fame; time's up. My new found purpose in life is to surreptitiously knock him down to number two. Nothing personal, it's solely based on the fact that the only contests I ever win involves dressing up as an 84 year old grandmother, two gallons of cool whip and a roll of duct tape.

In case I fail to captivate your thirst for elightenment:

If I was rich, I'd hire an Illustrator!

There comes a time, such as now for me, where almost everyone feels compelled to throw something up on the internet in the form of a web log. Take some of my friends for example, Svato, Madhuri, Snehal, Nat.

They all have a certain "je ne sais quoi" about the content that ends up there. Most of it is for a small circle of friends, some of it will become the best site since streamed pron. But there are a few "blog"-type sites out there that I'm really willing to hit several times a day, just to see what appears next and who has something to say about it.

Kevin Cornell, a facinating illustrator in Philadelphia, has certain beguiled my attention. His personal site, Bearskinrug is updated weekly with unique pictorial interpretation and other hilarious commentary.

Here's a translation of that last paragraph: Kevin good drawer, click here.

This year (2008) was the 29th Summer Olympic Games.

The wheat side of me looks forwards to economic ripples of the fact that London, England cost me an arm and a leg. The frosting side of me looks forwards to the thousands if not billions of people thinking the same thing as me:

Did the Roman Empire (i.e. the Roman Numerals) somehow bribe the IOC to host the 30th games in Britain? 

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